Wednesday, 8 August 2012

YouTube Removed from iOS 6. What does it mean?

Earlier this week, Apple updated the iOS 6 to beta 4 for the developers. The major difference was the YouTube app. YouTube was removed from iOS 6 beta 4. So, what does that mean?

There are a few possibilities that could happen. These are the most possible ones:

  1. YouTube is gone from iOS 6 forever and it's not coming back. So if anyone wants to use it, open it up from Safari.
  2. YouTube is gone from iOS 6 to become an optional app on the App Store, just like Chrome or any other Google app.
  3. YouTube is temporarily gone from iOS 6 beta 4. So, it's maybe coming in beta 5 or even the official iOS 6.

Personally, I think that the third one is going to happen. Google is probably making a better YouTube app for iOS, since YouTube is terrible on iOS. They will probably make it just like the Android one or even better. For me, I wish they could make the YouTube app support advertising, annotations, and links in the description.

What do you think about the future of YouTube? and What do you want in the next YouTube?

Friday, 3 August 2012

iPhone 5 front glass comparing to iPhone 4S (Video and Pictures)

Here is a video by iPhone5Parts that shows detailed information about the front glass of the iPhone 5 and comparing it to the iPhone 4S.

There are also a few pictures comparing between the two generations.

Comparison of iPhone 4S (left) and "iPhone 5" (right) home button hole diameters