Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Officially addicted

Now I'm officially addicted to Gravity Guy. It's awesome. I can't let it go.
Anyway here's the game from the app store: (There is a free version of this game but we are talking about the paid one)
First we start by selecting the number of players, single or multi players. (Up to 4 players)
Then select your mode. (I prefer the story mode)
The game has a simple idea. Tap on the screen to flip the gravity.
And there is a guy that chases you. So, ESCAPE.
That was the game that made me officially addicted.

Have Fun.
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News: iPod Touch 5g will have a white version

New reports have revealed that iPhone maker Apple Inc. plans to offer a white version of its massively popular 5th generation iPod Touch.

Apparently, iFixDirect, a key part supplier to the Cupertino-based tech heavyweight recently received a white front cover of the iPod Touch media player. Most likely, this indicates that it is only a matter of time for the white variant of the product to hit the market.

Have Fun.
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The iMessage on iOS5

  The iMessage feature is a new messaging feature designed to be used by anybody with a unit operating on the new iOS5 platform. This means that the service is not only restricted to people using an iPhone but also those using an iPad. The system works via either WiFi or 3G and enables the user to send free text messages to friends and family who are also running iOS5. This feature works in a very similar manner to Blackberry Messenger and a variety of third party applications that are available such as Whatsapp and Live Profile. Not only does iMessage allow you to send instant text but because it is incorporated in the phones Messages application it also enables the simple sending of voice memos, photographs and video footage. The group messaging feature enables you to hold a conversation with a number of your contacts at the same time which is something that may particularly appeal to the younger audience. Because the service is part of the operating system and not the device that you are using you can start a chat whilst you are on your travels on your iPhone 4 and continue it on your iPad 2 when you return home.
So, wait for it. iOS5 is going to be AWESOME.

How to hide your icons from the springboard?

Here's a simple way to hide your icons.
First you must have SBSettings installed from Cydia.

I want to hide Notes. (Because I have important notes that I don't want you to see). So, here it is.
Now slide the status bar and this will show up.
Click the More button. Then scroll down and you will see this.
Go to Hide Icons and select what you don't want to show up in your springboard.
Now you'll probably have to respring your device and "Notes" wont be there.
To show what you hided do the same steps and make it on.

Have Fun.
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11 Tips on how to make your battery last longer

#1.   Shut the background apps by double tapping the home button.

Find the next in Settings.
#2.   Turn on the airplane mode.
#3.   Turn WiFi only when it's needed.
#4.   Turn off the location services.
#5.   Make your brightness as low as you can. (It's the most important thing)
#6.   Stay away from Push-Mail.

Find the next in Settings_General.
#7.   Turn the Bluetooth off.
#8.   Set your iDevice on 1 minute auto-lock.
#9.   Allow battery persentage because it makes you careful with your battery.

Find the next in your life.
#10.  Avoid heat.
#11.  Charge your device when it has about 10% of the battery.

Have Fun.
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Why should you jailbreak? Jailbreaking pros and cons

For the people who haven't jailbroken their device, here's is a little help that will help you choose whether to jailbreak it or not.

  1. Jailbreaking lets you customize your iDevice. It lets you change what you don't like about your device.
  2. It brings you a wonderful collection of Cydia apps and tweaks.
  3. By jailbreaking, you can change the theme of your iDevice.
  4. You can download paid apps from the app store for free.
  5. Jailbreaking somehow brings life to your iDevice.
  1. By jailbreaking your iDevice you lose the software warranty.
  2. It makes the device slower.
  3. Downloading the paid apps for free is the only illegal thing.
I highly recommend jailbreaking. It's easy, it's free and it makes you enjoy your iDevice.
If you jailbreak your iDevice don't download a lot of Cydia apps or themes. The more you download, the slower your iDevice will be.

Have Fun.
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How to change everything on your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad?

What you saw on the title of this topic. With this tweak you can change everything on your iDevice.
This tweak is called Springtomize. Get it from Cydia.
OK, go to settings and scroll down and open Springtomize. Here's what it changes:
Open whatever you want and change your iDevice.
I changed two things on my iPod
You may noticed that I have a carrier name on my iPod and the status bar is now red.
There are other things to do with this tweak that some of you find it useful like make your icons bigger or adding more apps on your dock etc...
Have Fun.
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