Wednesday, 19 December 2012

339,164 iOS Apps Created in 2012

According to Appsfire, 339,164 apps were created for the iOS devices, in which, 34% of them were paid while the other 66% were free. They also made some other detailed statistics about the iOS apps of 2012 and they put it in the following picture: (Check out the original size of the picture from the source below)

Source: Appsfire

Sunday, 16 December 2012

All of Rovio's iPad Games Discounted

Rovio -the producer of Angry Birds- announced that all of their iPad apps are on holiday discount. Long story short, all of Rovio's paid iPad apps are down by $2. Here is a list of their iPad apps after the discount:

Upgrading to iOS 6 Increased 0.17% After Releasing Google Maps

Earlier this week, Google finally released their maps application on the App Store. People thought that after releasing Google Maps, iOS 6 adoption will increase heavily due to the big fail of Apple Maps. However, Chitika proved those people wrong by showing statistics titled: "Google Maps for iOS Impact on iOS 6 Adoption".

The statistics show that iOS 6 adoption following Google Maps' release has only increased 0.17%. This proves that users who haven't upgraded to iOS 6 did not want to stay on the older firmware because of Google Maps. 

Personally, I think that people do not want to upgrade to iOS 6 because of jailbreaking. Upgrading to iOS 6 will coast people the benefits of jailbreaking. So, I think once an untethered jailbreak comes to iOS 6, a huge increase in iOS 6 adoption will happen.

What do you think is the reason behind not upgrading to iOS 6?

Source: TechCrunch

Friday, 14 December 2012

Inside The iPad's App of The Year: Paper by FiftyThree

Apple's list of the top apps of 2012 was released earlier this week showing 'Paper' as the iPad's" app of the year". So here's a look inside the application.

First of all, the application is free in the App store, but it includes some in-app purchases. It takes about 48 MB of your storage for installation.

Paper is basically just like a notebook that you keep your notes in. It is an application that allows you to keep your notes in your paper-styled device. Which means that you doesn't type things, you write them with your own hand-writing. Which also means that it works better if you use a stylus.

When you first open up the application it shows you the different books you have. You can add as much books as you want, and you can adjust them however you like. You can choose a name for each book, and you get to choose the cover of your books either from your photos, or from the pre-installed covers.

When you open up a book, it gives you the animation of opening a real book. Then you have some pages to flip. Tap on any page you want to start drawing.

This picture is from iTunes

You will find different tools to draw with on the bottom of the page. On the bottom left, you'll find the eraser, Next to it, you have the brush, and on the bottom right of the page you have your colors. In between you can purchase different colors and brushes.

This picture is from iTunes

You can do a lot with this application. You can write your notes, you can draw your idea, or you can use it like a "Paint" app.

Personally, I think that the app is amazing. It feels great when you draw your ideas. The multitasking gestures work really fast. It just makes me want to write notes.

The brush you use has different levels of thickness from the beginning of the line to the end of it, which is one of the things that made me love this application. It feels just like a real marker that you can type with on a whiteboard.

However, the only downside of "Paper" is the lack of colors. But you can solve this problem by purchasing the color mixer which coasts $1.99