Saturday, 15 June 2013

iOS 7: Lock-Screen

Another change in iOS 7 is the lock-screen. For the first time ever we don't find the classic slide-to-unlock on our devices, isn't that cool?

First of all, there is no arrow to drag to unlock. Now you can slide anywhere on the screen from left to right to unlock. However, if you had notifications an you didn't want to open them, you should slide from the bottom of the screen. This means sliding your notifications opens them as usual..

Next we have the camera. The camera is still the same. You still slide from the bottom right to the top to run the camera.

Then we go to the new stuff, now you can slide to your notification center directly from the lock-screen. In the previous versions of  iOS, we had to unlock first. You can now also access control center from the lock-screen by sliding from the bottom to the top.

iOS 7 features the labels design. This label design works on the lock-screen as well as the home screen. What this feature does is that it makes the wallpaper moves when you look at the screen from different angles. It sort-of looks like the screen now has 3D in it.

Other things just stayed the same but flattened, such as the passcode, emergency calls, and the clock. By the way, everything now has this new thinner font.

For me, I like the new lock-screen and the new design, mainly because it's changed. The old lock-screen was getting boring. I did not find any problems with the lock-screen, that's good enough for me. What about you?