Friday, 14 June 2013

iOS 7: Powering On & Off

iOS 7 came out for developers with a lot of  changes. I'll try to go through any changes I find on my trip with iOS 7. So lets start with the powering.

First of all, the way you turn your device on and of is still the same. You still hold the power button for a few seconds to turn your device on or off. However, the design has changed. When you hold the power button to turn of your device it shows you the same old options: Slide to Power Off-button, and the cancel-button. But we don't find anything to move to power off. All we have now is a big red bar with the caption: "slide to power off" but nothing to move like that arrow we are used to since the first iOS. I guess this is a part of the "flat" plan. Plus, the cancel-button is also flattened and redesigned.

Turning the device on has also changed , but not so much. The only difference I found was the Apple logo. The scratch that used to cut the logo is gone.



Here's the deal, the flat design is pretty cool, but not all the way. I would like to see something actually moving when I'm sliding to power off the device. However, everything else is pretty good for me. What about you?