Sunday, 16 June 2013

iOS 7: Home-Screen

We finally reach the main course, the home-screen. The real flat design doesn't show until now. Take a look at it.

Unlocking the device is the first thing I would like to go through. When I say unlocking I mean the animation while going from the lock-screen to the home-screen. It now doesn't just show the apps all at once, instead it shows one icon coming at a time which I consider a good change.

The home-screen is all about applications. So, each icon has a new look now. They don't have that shadow on the back anymore and they don't look like they're in 3D. Now we can clearly see flat-but-cool icons on the home-screen. Here's a comparison between the home-screens of iOS 6 and iOS 7:

iOS 6 on the left and iOS 7 on the right

One other noticeable change is the dock. It used to be on a glass shelf that shows reflection,  but now the dock is like all the other icons except for the blurry background.

Also, on previous iOS versions we had the search page, but now we don't. Now you just swipe down anywhere on the screen except the top and the search bar will pop-up.

Folders have new exciting look and features just as well. They now have total new design and you can put as many apps as you want in a folder. There are also pages in each folder on iOS 7 and we can change the names of the folders just like we used to do in the past.

One last thing, the labels design of iOS 7 can be noticed on the home-screen. You can see the icons and the wallpaper moving as you move the device.

I think that Apple did a good job on the home-screen. The design is cool and some annoying things we had on our home-screens are gone, that's good enough for me!