Sunday, 16 December 2012

Upgrading to iOS 6 Increased 0.17% After Releasing Google Maps

Earlier this week, Google finally released their maps application on the App Store. People thought that after releasing Google Maps, iOS 6 adoption will increase heavily due to the big fail of Apple Maps. However, Chitika proved those people wrong by showing statistics titled: "Google Maps for iOS Impact on iOS 6 Adoption".

The statistics show that iOS 6 adoption following Google Maps' release has only increased 0.17%. This proves that users who haven't upgraded to iOS 6 did not want to stay on the older firmware because of Google Maps. 

Personally, I think that people do not want to upgrade to iOS 6 because of jailbreaking. Upgrading to iOS 6 will coast people the benefits of jailbreaking. So, I think once an untethered jailbreak comes to iOS 6, a huge increase in iOS 6 adoption will happen.

What do you think is the reason behind not upgrading to iOS 6?

Source: TechCrunch