Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The iMessage on iOS5

  The iMessage feature is a new messaging feature designed to be used by anybody with a unit operating on the new iOS5 platform. This means that the service is not only restricted to people using an iPhone but also those using an iPad. The system works via either WiFi or 3G and enables the user to send free text messages to friends and family who are also running iOS5. This feature works in a very similar manner to Blackberry Messenger and a variety of third party applications that are available such as Whatsapp and Live Profile. Not only does iMessage allow you to send instant text but because it is incorporated in the phones Messages application it also enables the simple sending of voice memos, photographs and video footage. The group messaging feature enables you to hold a conversation with a number of your contacts at the same time which is something that may particularly appeal to the younger audience. Because the service is part of the operating system and not the device that you are using you can start a chat whilst you are on your travels on your iPhone 4 and continue it on your iPad 2 when you return home.
So, wait for it. iOS5 is going to be AWESOME.