Monday, 24 September 2012

11 iPhone 5 Giveaways!!

As you probably know, the iPhone 5 has been in the hands of everyone for the past few days. But the iPhone 5's price is pretty high now. So you will probably want to read this. We have listed 10 iPhone 5 giveaway-sites for you to win. Here is the list of the sites that are doing a giveaway of this monster. (NOTE: some of these sites are YouTube videos that you will have to watch the video to know how to enter)

  1. BuyMeAniPhone
  2. TehBargains
  3. BuyBackWorld
  4. CultOfMac
  5. iJailbreak
  6. tldtoday
  7. UnboxTherapy
  8. SoldierKnowsBest
  9. JailbreakNation
  10. GiveawayWeekends
  11. iPhone5Giveaway

Sorry we can't do any iPhone 5 giveaways because it hasn't reached our area!! Hopefully soon.