Thursday, 15 December 2011

Monkeys are chasing you

Monkeys are chasing you so run away. That's the main idea of this free game called Temple Run.
This game is an amazing addictive simple game. All you have to do is run. Actually the guy you play with will be running automatically but you will have to navigate him by going right/left, jump, slide and run on the right/left of the road.
Jump: swipe your finger upwards.
Slide: swipe your finger downwards.
Go right: swipe your finger to the right
Go left: swipe your finger to the left
And go on right/left of the road by rotating your device.
In this game you earn points by running as far as you can. Of course, it gets faster and harder. You'll have to try to get golden coins to get more points.
You'll have to: jump over a branch of a tree, slide under a tree, jump because of a broken road!!, go right/left of the road because of a broken road, jump to get to a new road, slide under a fire line, and I guess more.
Last feature will be every time you fail it gives you a funny comment about your fail. I got to about 138k, How much can you get?

Have Fun.