Friday, 6 January 2012

Quad-core iOS devices... NEXT YEAR

Deep within the latest iOS 5.1 betas are code references that appear to suggest that Apple is readying its mobile operating system for quad-core processors. According to "knowledgable and reliable" sources speaking to 9to5Mac, the reference are evident in processor management software that previously only referenced one- and two-core processors.
The code references are found within a file labelled "/cores/core.3." Since programmers, by habit, generally start counting at 0 instead of 1, "/cores/core.0" references single-core processors like the A4, and "/cores/core.1" references the dual-core A5 processor used in the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. Theoretically, "/cores/core.2" would refer to a three-core processor, but iOS doesn't contain any such reference.
According to 9to5Mac, the fact that these references exist in iOS 5.1 betas are an indication that Apple is already testing its mobile OS on quad-core chips. We tend to agree.