Friday, 20 April 2012

The iPhone 5 2012 Rumors Abstract

We have been hearing the rumors about the next generation iPhone for a long time. Here is the 2012 abstract  of these rumors:

  • Apple may come back to June as the release month.
  • For those who have been dissatisfied with the iPhone's usual 3.5-inch screen, the next iPhone will mostly get a bigger retina display. A 4.6-inch display is the screen we are talking about. Also, a bigger screen allows a better processor, perhaps A5X.
  • A new dock will perhaps be equipped with the next iPhone. It might be a smaller dock to make room for the other components.
  • The next iPhone will be different from the outside as well as the inside. Rumors say that it will have a 4.6' screen with different shape as well as the A5X chip. It may also have a better ram
  • The iPhone 5 might be made out of liquidmetal.
  • A 4G LTE iPhone  and here is the proof from iDownloadBlog:
These were the most important rumors about the iPhone 5 till this day, the April 20th. Hope it will be satisfying for all of us.