Tuesday, 12 June 2012

What you need to know about iOS 6

As you all know, WWDC was held yesterday on June, 11 and it did incredibly well. One of the most important things Apple announced was the iOS 6 that is coming this fall. iOS 6 has over 200 new features. Here's what you have to know about it.

  • Maps
It's probably the best feature for most users. Apple finally ditched Google maps and got it's own solution for maps. The new maps application is a lot easier solution for navigating. It has a lot of amazing features such as the Turn-by-Turn navigation for driving, the real-time traffic that calculates your ETA, the Flyover feature that allows you to see major metro areas with real 3d photos, local search that gives you some information and reviews about the place you want, and -of course- Siri to help you with everything.

  • Siri
 With iOS 6 you can ask Siri a lot of different new things.  This includes sports, movies, restaurants, Twitter/Facebook, Launching apps, and Eyesfree which is launching Siri by a command key on the steering wheel for a few car brands.

  • Facebook Integration
As we saw Twitter integration on iOS 5, we now see Facebook integration for iOS 6. You can use it to share a link, picture, or location.

  • Photo Stream
With iOS 6, you can share the pictures you want with the people you choose. People can also like or comment on any of your shared photos.

  • Passbook
All your boarding tickets, coupons, and movie tickets in one application. Just scan your device. There are some other cool features as well.

  • Facetime Over Cellular
Now you are not just tied to your WiFi network, you can Facetime anywhere you want over cellular networks as well as WiFi networks.

  • Phone
If you cant answer a call, you can directly send a message to the caller to tell him that you'll call him later and set a reminder to remind you of calling that person.

  • Mail
iOS 6 added some new features to the mail as well. Now you can set some contacts as VIP that they will show in a separate folder. You can also attach a picture or a video directly from your albums 

  • Safari
There are some improvements to Safari as well. Now you can set iCloud apps to open a page the way you left it. You can also set a reading-list to read offline and you can now open Safari in full-screen.

These were just few new features from the amazing iOS 6. Keep yourself updated to see the full hands-on review.