Saturday, 9 February 2013

5 Interesting Apps of the Week #1

Welcome to the first episode of Interesting Apps of the Week. I will try to put my personal favorite apps of every week in this series. So lets start. NOTE: Click on the application's name to download.

  • WolframAlpha ($2.99).                                                                                                                            You might need a great calculator that does everything for you. WolframAlpha is probably the best calculator you will ever find. It covers a lot of the mathematics fields such as calculus, Algebra, and many more. However, that's not all, it also covers other fields of science. It is basically your study reference. 

  • Head Soccer (FREE)                                                                                                                        This game is an addictive game that makes football much more fun. You control those mini footballers and play football with no rules. Isn't that the dream? There are a lot characters and countries that you can play with and 4 different modes, Survival, Tournament, Arcade, or Multiplayer. By the way, I personally prefer Head Soccer to Fifa 13.

  •  Fit Brains Trainer (FREE)                                                                                                                     This is an application controlled by DR. Paul Nussbaum, a specialist in brain health across the lifespan. It gives you daily training sessions for your brain. Each session includes different simple puzzles that you should solve during the time limit. It should help you have a healthier brain, not to mention that it is really fun.
  • Appsfire (FREE)                                                                                                                                              A great application that organizes most applications for users. It shows great deals and app-discounts to help you enjoy the best of the App Store without going broke. 
  • Dead Trigger (FREE)                                                                                                                                      Zombie games are my favorite type of games. But they are not so good when it comes to mobile devices. However, it's not the same with Dead Trigger. The graphics are good, the story is good, and the controls are not so bad. To sum up, it is one of the best zombie-games on the App Store